Here are some settings…
A detail of a painted ceramic tile from the Alcazar in Seville. It portrays a greyish-blue bird - possibly a crow - with long eyelashes against a bright yellow background. The bird gazes at the viewer and looks bemused.
A long exposure of white water running through a gorge. The water has blended into a creamy appearance. The rocks on either side are grey and brown, and are some are covered in moss. Some rocks are polished smooth by the erosion of the water, while others show striation lines and scars from years of movement.
A portrait of a lone tree in a wheat field, taken at sunset. The tree is shown in silouhette, and only reveals the bulk of its shape. The sky is a pale orange-pink, and a hint of the sun can be seen over a line of trees in the background. The wheat in the field is bathed in an orange glow. Wheat sheafs in the foreground are blurry and out of focus.
A portrait of a sunset. The sun has dropped under the horizon, casting fiery red and orange tones. The rest of the sky is a pale blue, with orange-pink highlights reflecting on wispy streaks of cloud.
A detail of a TV transmission tower located at the top of the Rocacorba, in Girona, Spain. The tower alternates white and red. Numerous masts and dishes are positioned over it, facing in different directions. It narrows at the top into a series of antennae. The sky is blue, but otherwise featureless.
An abstract photograph of dreamlike sunset. The sky is a pale blue; there are pink highlights bouncing off the streaky clouds.
An aerial photograph of an unidentified massif somewhere in Europe. The peaks are dark. A glacier moves down a central ravine. Clusters of clouds mask elements of the landscape.
A courtyard in the Réal Alcazar in Seville. The sky is blue, above the ornate tiling of the period. A pool of water runs the length of the courtyard: it is still. There are two small trees either side of the pool.
A branch of an orange tree points towards a vivid blue sky. The waxy leaves are shades of green. There are two clusters of oranges hanging from the branch.
In the foreground, a large bumble bee nestles its face in the flower of a thistle. Its wings feature an ornate pattern, and they are translucent. There are two other thistles in the background.
The spire of the Church of the Mother of God on the Lake, in Bled, Slovenia. The pitched roof features orange tiles, above white plaster, and reddish brick work. The spire is ornate and made of metal. Trees run around the circumference of the island and feature in the foreground of the photograph.
A lone oak tree sits in the middle of a field of wheat. The wheat is immature and still green in colour. Individual heads of wheat blend into a smooth pattern leading to the large tree.
The subject is a large pink flower. The petals are delicate and reveal a spiky core, with orange spines.
A dramatic orange sunset is reflected on a cloud pattern.
A Welsh landscape. Rays of sunlight emerge from a hole in the clouds, and highlight a small hill in the distance. There are rolling hills in the background, while trees and fields fill the foreground.
A portrait of the Church of the Mother of God on the Lake. A church sits on an island in the centre of Lake Bled. It is reflected in the smooth water of the lake. The Julian Alps are seen in the distance, while the foothills are covered in evergreen trees.
Two people in a rowing boat are seen from a distant vantage point. The surface of the lake ripples.
A detail of a roof at the Giralda in Seville. The domed roof features blue and white stripes. It is surrounded by ornaments. Beneath the roof, there are windows with lead detailing. The glass is plain. The city of Sevilla can be seen in the background, including the Guadalquivir river.
Mountains from the shore of Lago di Maggiore in Italy. The sky is overcast. The mountains fade into the distance as the light falls off.
A castle above Lake Bled is seen in the distance. It sits on rocky bluff several hundred metres above the lake. The castle is white with terracotta tiles. It is made of several buildings. A tower stands separate. Evergreen trees frame the castle. Mountains are seen in the distance.
Two white daisies are pictured from above. They are surrounded by a cluster of yellow buttercups in a meadow of grass.